08:15 Welcome Desk & Registration (08:15 - 08:45)
08:30 - 10:15 - Room Mediterranean 5 Parallel Session 1 - DCAART
  • 9: Automatic Generation of Learning Path Claudia Perez-Martinez, Gabriel Lopez Morteo, Magally Martinez Reyes and Alexander Gelbukh
  • 5: Disentangling Cognitive and Constructivist Aspects of Hierarchies Stefano Bennati
  • 3: Computing with Perceptions for the Linguistic Description of Complex Phenomena through the Analysis of Time Series Data A. Ramos-Soto, A. Bugarín and S. Barro
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Berlin A Parallel Session 3 - Agents & Artificial Intelligence
  • 92: From Simulation to Development in MAS - A JADE-based Approach João Lopes and Henrique Lopes Cardoso
  • 154: Integrating Adaptation Patterns into Agent Methodologies to Build Self-adaptive Systems Mariachiara Puviani, Giacomo Cabri and Letizia Leonardi
  • 153: Measuring Adaptability of ”Swarm Intelligence” for Resource Scheduling and Optimization in Real Time Petr Skobelev, Igor Mayorov , Sergey Kozhevnikov, Alexander Tsarev and Elena Simonova
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Berlin B Parallel Session 3 - Agents
  • 70: Defending Autonomous Agents Against Attacks in Multi-Agent Systems Using Norms Jan Kantert, Sarah Edenhofer, Sven Tomforde, Jörg Hähner and Christian Müller-Schloer
  • 139: Towards a Resource-based Model of Strategy to Help Designing Opponent AI in RTS Games Juliette Lemaitre, Domitile Lourdeaux and Caroline Chopinaud
  • 162: A Multiagent Based Approach to Money Laundering Detection and Prevention Cláudio Alexandre and João Balsa
08:45 - 10:15 - Room Geneva Parallel Session 3 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 9: A Modal Logic for the Decision-Theoretic Projection Problem Gavin Rens, Thomas Meyer and Gerhard Lakemeyer
  • 7: Speeding up Online POMDP Planning - Unification of Observation Branches by Belief-state Compression Via Expected Feature Values Gavin Rens
  • 21: A Probabilistic Doxastic Temporal Logic for Reasoning about Beliefs in Multi-agent Systems Karsten Martiny and Ralf Möller
10:15 Coffee-Break (10:15 - 10:30)
10:30 - 11:30 - Room Mediterranean 5 Parallel Session 2 - DCAART
  • 10: Measuring Intrinsic Quality of Human Decisions Tamal T. Biswas
  • 8: Alternative Approaches to Planning Otakar Trunda
10:30 - 12:00 - Room Berlin A Parallel Session 4 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 95: Reactive Recovery from Machine Breakdown in Production Scheduling with Temporal Distance and Resource Constraints Roman Barták and Marek Vlk
  • 106: A Particle Swarm Optimizer for Solving the Set Partitioning Problem in the Presence of Partitioning Constraints Gerrit Anders, Florian Siefert and Wolfgang Reif
  • 76: Airline Disruption Management - Dynamic Aircraft Scheduling with Ant Colony Optimization Henrique Sousa, Ricardo Teixeira, Henrique Lopes Cardoso and Eugénio Oliveira
10:30 - 12:00 - Room Berlin B Parallel Session 4a - Artificial Intelligence
  • 142: A Qualitative Representation of a Figure and Construction of Its Planar Class Kazuko Takahashi, Mizuki Goto and Hiroyoshi Miwa
  • 36: Handling Default Data under a Case-based Reasoning Approach Bruno Fernandes, Mauro Freitas, Cesar Analide, Henrique Vicente and José Neves
  • 146: A Knowledge Based Framework for Case-specific Diagnosis Ganesh Ram Santhanam, Gopalakrishnan Sivaprakasam, Giora Slutzki and Samik Basu
  • 177: Modeling Post-level Sentiment Evolution in Online Forum Threads Dumitru-Clementin Cercel and Stefan Trausan-Matu
10:30 - 12:00 - Room Geneva Parallel Session 4 - Agents
  • 68: User Perceptions of Communicative and Task-competent Agents in a Virtual Basketball Game Divesh Lala, Christian Nitschke and Toyoaki Nishida
  • 103: Linear Algebraic Semantics for Multi-agent Communication Ryo Hatano, Katsuhiko Sano and Satoshi Tojo
12:00 - 13:00 - Room Manhattan Keynote Lecture On Human-Agent Collectives Nick Jennings, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
13:00 Lunch (13:00 - 14:15)
14:15 - 15:30 - Room Manhattan European Project Space Panel

Title: "The Road Ahead: New Challenges for Learning and Intelligent Systems"

EPS Chair:
Marcello Pelillo, University of Venice, Italy

Eunice Ribeiro, Horizon 2020 National Contact Point (NCP) – Energy, FET & ICT, Portugal
Mario Figueiredo, Technical University of Lisbon - IST, Portugal
Nello Cristianini, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Carmen Gervet, Université de Savoie, France
Oswaldo Ludwig, KU Leuven, Belgium
15:30 Coffee-Break (15:30 - 16:15)
15:30 - 16:30 - Mediterranean 1 Posters Session 2
Doctoral Consortium - DCAART
  • 3: Computing with Perceptions for the Linguistic Description of Complex Phenomena through the Analysis of Time Series Data A. Ramos-Soto, A. Bugarín and S. Barro
  • 5: Disentangling Cognitive and Constructivist Aspects of Hierarchies Stefano Bennati
  • 71: Extending the MASITS Methodology for General Purpose Agent Oriented Software Engineering Egons Lavendelis
  • 97: Face and Facial Expression Recognition - Fusion based Non Negative Matrix Factorization Humayra Binte Ali and David M. W. Powers
  • 102: Using Coalitions with Stochastic Search to Solve Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems Nathaniel Gemelli, Jeffrey Hudack, Steven Loscalzo and Jae Oh
  • 108: Plan-belief Revision in Jason Andreas Schmidt Jensen and Jørgen Villadsen
  • 134: Towards an Explicit Bidirectional Requirement-to-Code Traceability Meta-model for the PASSI Methodology Mihoub Mazouz, Farid Mokhati and Mourad Badri
  • 141: An Adaptive Multi-Agent System for Ontology Co-evolution Souad Benomrane, Zied Sellami, Mounir Ben Ayed and Adel M. Alimi
  • 148: Communicative Strategy in a Formal Model of Dispute Mare Koit
  • 167: Complex Character - Model for a Non Player AI Character for Interactive Narrative Discourse Hee Holmen
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Manhattan European Project Space Session
  • Machine Understanding for interactive StorytElling (MUSE) Presenter: Oswaldo Ludwig
  • Embedding Measurement Uncertainty in DecisionMaking and Optimisation (El-MUNDO) Presenter: Carmen Gervet
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Berlin A Parallel Session 5 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 89: Activity Recognition for Dogs Using Off-the-Shelf Accelerometer Tatsuya Kiyohara, Ryohei Orihara, Yuichi Sei, Yasuyuki Tahara and Akihiko Ohsuga
  • 50: Stopwords Identification by Means of Characteristic and Discriminant Analysis Giuliano Armano, Francesca Fanni and Alessandro Giuliani
  • 67: Impact on Bayesian Networks Classifiers When Learning from Imbalanced Datasets M. Julia Flores and José A. Gámez
  • 185: A Haar Wavelet-based Multi-resolution Representation Method of Time Series Data Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Geneva Parallel Session 5 - Agents & Artificial Intelligence
  • 77: DipBlue: A Diplomacy Agent with Strategic and Trust Reasoning André Ferreira, Henrique Lopes Cardoso and Luis Paulo Reis
  • 94: Beyond Onboard Sensors in Robotic Swarms - Local Collective Sensing through Situated Communication Tiago Rodrigues, Miguel Duarte, Sancho Oliveira and Anders Lyhne Christensen
  • 169: Offline Evolution of Normative Systems Magnus Hjelmblom
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Berlin B Parallel Session 5a - Artificial Intelligence
  • 90: A Declarative Model for Reasoning about Form Security Aaron Hunter
  • 161: A Constructivist Approach to Rule Bases Giovanni Sileno, Alexander Boer and Tom van Engers
  • 183: Modeling Hierarchical Resources Within a Unified Ontology - A Position Paper Alexander Schiendorfer, Yves Wautelet and Wolfgang Reif
18:30 Social Event (18:30 - 23:30)