09:00 - 09:15 - Room MR.10 Opening Session
09:15 - 10:45 - Room MR.10 Panel

Chair: Joaquim Filipe, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal / INSTICC, Portugal
Title: Future Challenges of Artificial Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Elias M. Awad, University of Virginia, United States
Jaap van den Herik, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Wiebe van der Hoek, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
10:45 Coffee-Break (10:45 - 11:00)
11:00 - 12:00 - Room MR.05 Parallel Session 1 - Agents
  • 36: Agent-based Modeling of Indoor Evacuation Behavior under Stressful Psychological State Lu Tan and Hui Lin
  • 44: Activation of the Following Mode to Simulate Heterogeneous Pedestrian Behavior in Crowded Environment Laure Bourgois, Thomas Heckmann, Emmanuelle Grislin-Le Strugeon and Jean-Michel Auberlet
  • 168: The Institutional Stance in Agent-based Simulations Giovanni Sileno, Alexander Boer and Tom Van Engers
11:00 - 12:00 - Room MR.06 Parallel Session 1a - Agents
  • 141: SCENARIO - Setting Crowd Events using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Vincent-Emmanuel Farrugia, Matthew Montebello and Alexiei Dingli
  • 178: Dynamic Agent Prioritisation with Penalties in Distributed Local Search Amina Sambo-Magaji, Inés Arana and Hatem Ahriz
11:00 - 12:00 - Room MR.07 Parallel Session 1 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 157: An Algorithm for Checking the Dynamic Controllability of a Conditional Simple Temporal Network with Uncertainty Carlo Combi, Luke Hunsberger and Roberto Posenato
  • 156: Plan Synthesis for Probabilistic Activity Recognition Frank Krüger, Kristina Yordanova, Albert Hein and Thomas Kirste
  • 233: User Profiling of People with Disabilities - A Proposal to Pervasively Assess Quality of Life Eloisa Vargiu, Luigi Ceccaroni, Laia Subirats, Suzanne Martin and Felip Miralles
11:00 - 12:00 - Room MR.08 Parallel Session 1a - Artificial Intelligence
  • 165: A Fuzzy Dynamic Belief Logic Xiaoxin Jing and Xudong Luo
  • 249: Can Fuzzy Decision Support Link Serial Serious Crime? Don Casey and Phillip Burrell
11:00 - 12:00 - Room MR.09 Special Session on Learning, Agents and Formal Languages - LAFLang
  • Opening Session
  • 3: Learning, Agents and Formal Languages - State of the Art Leonor Becerra Bonache and M. Dolores Jiménez-López
  • 4: Learning Probabilistic Subsequential Transducers from Positive Data Hasan Ibne Akram and Colin de la Higuera
12:00 - 13:00 - Room MR.10 Keynote Lecture Connecting Sciences Jaap van den Herik, Tilburg University, Netherlands
13:00 Lunch (13:00 - 14:30)
14:30 - 16:00 - Room MR.05 Parallel Session 2 - Agents
  • 16: Synchronizing for Performance - DCOP Algorithms Or Peri and Amnon Meisels
  • 29: Distributed Envy Minimization for Resource Allocation Arnon Netzer and Amnon Meisels
14:30 - 16:00 - Room MR.06 Parallel Session 2 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 96: Enhancing Attentive Task Search with Information Gain Trees and Failure Detection Strategies Kristin Stamm and Andreas Dengel
  • 118: Constraint-handling for Optimization with Support Vector Surrogate Models - A Novel Decoder Approach Jörg Bremer and Michael Sonnenschein
  • 127: Dynamic Selection of Learning Situations in Virtual Environment Kevin Carpentier, Domitile Lourdeaux and Indira Mouttapa-Thouvenin
14:30 - 16:00 - Room MR.07 Parallel Session 2a - Artificial Intelligence
  • 45: Emergent Segmentation of Topological Active Nets by Means of Evolutionary Obtained Artificial Neural Networks Cristina V. Sierra, Jorge Novo, José Santos and Manuel G. Penedo
  • 190: Magic Loops in Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty - Exploiting Structure to Speed Up Dynamic Controllability Checking Luke Hunsberger
  • 193: Evolving Urbanisation Policies - Using a Statistical Model to Accelerate Optimisation over Agent-based Simulations Marta Vallejo, David W. Corne and Verena Rieser
14:30 - 16:00 - Room MR.08 Parallel Session 2b - Artificial Intelligence
  • 40: Algorithms for Acceptance in Argument Systems Samer Nofal, Paul Dunne and Katie Atkinson
  • 30: Reinforcement Learning for Multi-purpose Schedules Kristof Van Moffaert, Yann-Michaël De Hauwere, Peter Vrancx and Ann Nowé
  • 69: When you Talk about “Information Processing” What Actually Do you have in Mind? Emanuel Diamant
14:30 - 16:00 - Room MR.09 Special Session on Learning, Agents and Formal Languages - LAFLang
  • Invited Talk Verónica Dahl
  • 1: Contribution of Probabilistic Grammar Inference with k-Testable Language for Knowledge Modeling - Application on Aging People Catherine Combes and Jean Azéma
16:00 - 17:00 - Foyer Posters Session 1
  • 31: Filtering Relevant Facebook Status Updates for Users of Mobile Devices Stephan Baumann, Rafael Schirru and Joachim Folz
  • 59: An Enhanced Ant Colony Optimization for Routing Area Mobility Prediction over Cellular Communications Network Mohammad Sh. Daoud, Aladdin Ayesh, Mustafa Al-Fayoumi and Adrian A. Hopgood
  • 86: Using the Expanded IWO Algorithm to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem Daniel Kostrzewa and Henryk Josiński
  • 92: HTN Planning for Pick-and-Place Manipulation Hisashi Hayashi, Hideki Ogawa and Nobuto Matsuhira
  • 109: Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning based on Multi-channel ART Networks Hitomi Morishita, Hiroaki Ueda and Kenichi Takahashi
  • 116: Data Mining Tool for Decision Support in Stock Market Sung-Dong Kim
  • 121: What Readers want to Experience - An Approach to Quantify Conversational Maxims with Preferences for Reading Behaviour Hanna Knäusl and Bernd Ludwig
  • 122: Controlling Complex Systems Dynamics without Prior Model Jérémy Boes, François Gatto, Pierre Glize and Frédéric Migeon
  • 181: A Multi-robot System for Patrolling Task via Stochastic Fictitious Play Erik Hernández, Antonio Barrientos, Jaime del Cerro and Claudio Rossi
  • 188: Game Theory and Learning at the Medium Access Control Layer for Distributed Radio Resource Sharing in Random Access Wireless Networks Eric Ayienga, Elisha Opiyo, Bernard Manderick and Okelo Odongo
  • 207: An Event Metric and an Episode Metric for a Virtual Guide Felix Rabe and Ipke Wachsmuth
  • 211: Automated Planning for Pick-and-Place Robot Yazmin S. Villegas-Hernandez and Federico Guedea-Elizalde
  • 231: A Study of Decision-making Model Considering Priorities based on Two Kinds of Evaluation - Decision Making Methodology Applying Risk Evaluation based on Prospect Theory Rumiko Azuma and Shinya Nozaki
  • 236: Peer-to-Peer MapReduce Platform Darhan Ahmed-Zaki, Grzegorz Dobrowolski and Bolatzhan Kumalakov
  • 241: An Evolutionary View of Collective Intelligence Bengt Carlsson and Andreas Jacobsson
  • 242: Comparison and Multi-GPU based Implementation of a Collision Detection Method with Z-buffer in Cyber Space Tomoaki Iida, Hidemi Yamachi, Yasushi Kambayashi and Yasuhiro Tsujimura
  • 243: Design of an Intelligent Interface for the Software Mobile Agents using Augmented Reality Kazuto Kurane, Munehiro Takimoto and Yasushi Kambayashi
  • 245: A Recommendation Engine for Subsistence Farmers Daniel P. Stormont and Samantha L. Snabes
  • 255: Automatic Face Corpus Creation Ladislav Lenc and Pavel Král
  • 259: Intelligent Predicting Method of Water Bloom based RBFNN and LSSVM Liu Zaiwen, Wu Qiaowei and Lv Siying
16:30 Coffee-Break (16:30 - 16:45)
17:00 - 18:30 - Room MR.05 Parallel Session 3 - Artificial Intelligence and Agents
  • 25: Monitoring Agents in Complex Products - Enhancing a Discovery Robot with an Agent for Monitoring, Maintenance and Disaster Prevention Leo van Moergestel, Erik Puik, Daniël Telgen, Hendrik Folmer, Matthijs Grünbauer, Robbert Proost, Hielke Veringa and John-Jules Meyer
  • 148: Planning of Diverse Trajectories Jan Tožička, David Šišlákand and Michal Pěchouček
  • 214: Planning Practical Paths for Tentacle Robots Jing Yang, Robert Codd-Downey, Patrick Dymond, Junquan Xu and Michael Jenkin
17:00 - 18:30 - Room MR.06 Parallel Session 3 - Artificial Intelligence
  • 55: A Comparative Study of Different Image Features for Hand Gesture Machine Learning Paulo Trigueiros, Fernando Ribeiro and Luis Paulo Reis
  • 87: Multi-criteria Evaluation of Class Binarization and Feature Selection in Tear Film Lipid Layer Classification Rebeca Méndez, Beatriz Remeseiro, Diego Peteiro-Barral and Manuel G. Penedo
  • 108: Face Recognition under Real-world Conditions Ladislav Lenc and Pavel Král
  • 240: Group Recommender Systems - Some Experimental Results Vineet Padmanabhan, Prabhu Kiran and Abdul Sattar
17:00 - 18:30 - Room MR.09 Special Session on Learning, Agents and Formal Languages - LAFLang
  • 5: Different Approaches for Development Tools for Natural Computers - Grammar Driven vs. Model Driven Approaches David Fernández, Francisco Saiz, Marina de la Cruz and Alfonso Ortega
  • 2: Linguistic Applications of Finite Automata with Translucent Letters Benedek Nagy and László Kovács
  • 7: Situated Agents in Linguistic Contexts Roussanka Loukanova
  • Round Table Discussion
18:30 Welcome Drink (18:30 - 19:00)